Top Waterfalls in Rajasthan You Must Explore!

waterfall in rajasthan

Hey there! Ready for an exciting journey through the enchanting waterfalls in Rajasthan? Get set to explore 8 stunning natural wonders that you absolutely can’t miss! These breathtaking waterfalls in Rajasthan promise to leave you awe-struck with their majestic beauty and soothing waters.

From cascading falls to serene landscapes, each one offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re an adventurer seeking thrills or someone looking for a tranquil escape, these waterfalls have something for everyone. So pack your bags and embark on this mesmerizing adventure, because Rajasthan’s waterfalls are waiting to enchant you!

Let’s begin our unforgettable escapade!

Bhimlat Waterfall

Bhimlat Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall situated in the Kheenya village of Bundi district in Rajasthan, India. It is located about 35 kilometers from the city of Bundi and 206 kilometers from Jaipur. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green hills and forests, and the water cascades down from a height of 60 meters.

The waterfall is believed to have been created by Bhim, one of the Pandava brothers, during their exile in the Mahabharata. According to legend, Bhim was thirsty and struck the ground with his fist, creating the waterfall.

The best time to visit Bhimlat Waterfall is during the monsoon season, when the water levels are high and the waterfall is at its most beautiful. However, the waterfall can also be visited during the summer and winter months.

To reach Bhimlat Waterfall, you can take a bus or taxi from Bundi. The nearest railway station is also in Bundi. Once you reach Bhimlat, you will have to walk for about 1 kilometer to reach the waterfall.

Menal Waterfall

Menal Waterfall is also the best waterfall in Rajasthan located in the Chittorgarh district. Situated amidst lush greenery and rocky terrain, this captivating waterfall offers a serene and refreshing retreat for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

To reach Menal Waterfall, you can follow these directions:

By Road: Menal is approximately 90 kilometers away from Chittorgarh city. You can hire a taxi or take a private vehicle from Chittorgarh to reach the waterfall. The route passes through scenic landscapes, making the journey enjoyable.

By Rail: Chittorgarh is well-connected by train to major cities in Rajasthan and other states. Once you reach Chittorgarh railway station, you can hire a cab or take a local bus to reach Menal Waterfall.

By Air: The nearest airport to Menal Waterfall is Udaipur Airport, which is about 100 kilometers away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi to reach the waterfall.

Remember to carry essentials like water, snacks, and comfortable walking shoes, as you may need to walk a bit from the parking area to the waterfall. Once you reach Menal Waterfall, you’ll be rewarded with the captivating sight of water cascading down the rocks, surrounded by the beauty of Rajasthan’s natural wonders.

Samod Waterfall

Samod Waterfall is a must-visit waterfall in Rajasthan. It is located in the Aravalli hills near Jaipur, about 50 kilometers from the city. The waterfall is about 100 feet tall and is surrounded by lush greenery. It is a popular spot for picnics and hiking.

The best time to visit Samod Waterfall is during the monsoon season, when the water is flowing at its strongest. To reach Samod Waterfall, you can take a bus or taxi from Jaipur. The nearest town is Nangal Bharda, which is about 10 kilometers from the waterfall.

Experience the magic of Samod Waterfall and let nature’s tranquility wash over you in this hidden oasis.”

Garwaji Waterfall

Garwaji Waterfall, also known as Garadia Mahadev Waterfall, is a lesser-known gem tucked away in the rugged terrain of Rajasthan. This captivating waterfall originates from the Bheel Ghati region and cascades down the undulating rocks, creating a mesmerizing sight.

With its pristine beauty and tranquil surroundings, Garwaji Waterfall has become an offbeat destination for nature enthusiasts seeking a serene escape.

How to Reach:

To reach Garwaji Waterfall, you can start your journey from the nearby city of Kota, which is well-connected by road and rail. From Kota, you can hire a cab or take a local bus to reach the village of Garadia Mahadev. From there, a short trek of around 1.5 kilometers amidst picturesque landscapes will lead you to the enchanting Garwaji Waterfall.


Garwaji Waterfall is situated in the region of Bheel Ghati near the village of Garadia Mahadev, which is about 32 kilometers away from Kota in Rajasthan, India. Surrounded by lush greenery and rugged hills, this hidden waterfall offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere, making it a perfect destination for a rejuvenating getaway amidst nature’s bounty.

Anantpura Waterfall

Anantpura Waterfall, situated in the heart of Rajasthan, has a fascinating history dating back centuries. It is believed that the waterfall was once a popular retreat for Rajput royalty, who sought solace in its mesmerizing beauty. Over time, the location became a well-kept secret, cherished by locals for its serene ambiance and natural allure. Today, it has emerged as one of Rajasthan’s hidden gems, captivating visitors with its breathtaking cascade and surrounding lush greenery.

How to Reach

To reach Anantpura Waterfall, travelers can take various routes depending on their location. If traveling from Udaipur, the nearest major city, it’s about a 2-hour drive via NH58 and MDR 59. Those coming from other parts of Rajasthan can access it through well-connected road networks and local transport options. The journey to this oasis of tranquility amidst arid terrain is an adventure in itself.


Anantpura Waterfall is nestled in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, near the town of Nathdwara. Surrounded by the Aravalli Range, the waterfall is a refreshing contrast to the region’s otherwise dry landscape. Its precise location is a well-kept secret among locals, adding an element of excitement for eager travelers seeking to explore the lesser-known wonders of Rajasthan.

Visiting Anantpura Waterfall is a journey into nature’s embrace, where the serenity of flowing water meets the rugged charm of Rajasthan. Experience the magic of this hidden gem amidst the waterfalls in Rajasthan and cherish memories of a lifetime.

Kejadli Waterfall

Among the numerous waterfalls in Rajasthan, Kejadli Waterfall stands out as a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. Located in the picturesque district of Udaipur, this captivating waterfall offers a serene and refreshing experience for those who venture to its location.

To reach Kejadli Waterfall, one must embark on a short trek through the rugged terrain, adding an element of thrill and excitement to the journey. As you make your way to the falls, the captivating sound of rushing water and the sight of sparkling streams will captivate your senses, making the trek an experience in itself.

Once you arrive at the waterfall, you will be greeted by the mesmerizing sight of water gushing down from the rocky cliffs, creating a mesmerizing scene. The clear and cool waters invite you to take a refreshing dip, making it an ideal spot to unwind and connect with nature.

Dhundharia Waterfall

If you’re seeking an offbeat and tranquil destination amidst the arid landscapes of Rajasthan, Dhundharia Waterfall is a hidden gem that promises an enchanting experience. Located in the Bhilwara district, this mesmerizing cascade stands as a stark contrast to the desert state’s typical imagery.

The best time to visit Dhundharia Waterfall is during the monsoon and post-monsoon months when the waterfall is at its peak flow and the surrounding landscape becomes lush and vibrant.

Trekking and Adventure

For adventure enthusiasts, the trek leading to Dhundharia Waterfall is a delightful experience. The rugged terrains present a thrilling challenge while offering breathtaking vistas. The trek is suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers.

Ratan Bihari Waterfall

As a tourist exploring the captivating waterfalls in Rajasthan, Ratan Bihari Waterfall is an absolute gem that will leave you mesmerized by its natural beauty. Located near the quaint village of Ratanpur in the Dungarpur district, this waterfall offers a picturesque escape from the bustling city life.

To reach Ratan Bihari Waterfall, you’ll venture through scenic paths, surrounded by lush greenery and rocky terrain, creating an adventurous journey in itself. The moment you set your eyes on the cascading waters, you’ll be enchanted by the serene ambiance and the rhythmic sound of water flowing.

The charm of Ratan Bihari Waterfall lies not only in its enchanting surroundings but also in the sense of tranquility it offers. Many visitors find it an ideal spot to unwind, meditate, or simply enjoy quality time with family and friends. The cool mist from the waterfall provides a refreshing respite from the warm Rajasthan climate.

For the adventurous souls, the waterfall presents an opportunity for a thrilling dip in its clear waters. You can also explore the rocky terrain surrounding the falls, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts alike.

Visiting Ratan Bihari Waterfall is a wonderful way to connect with nature and immerse yourself in the beauty of Rajasthan’s hidden treasures. Whether you seek solitude, adventure, or a memorable outing with loved ones, this waterfall will undoubtedly offer an unforgettable experience. So, don’t forget to include Ratan Bihari Waterfall in your itinerary when exploring the captivating waterfalls in Rajasthan. It’s a destination that will stay etched in your heart forever.


In conclusion, the waterfalls in Rajasthan present a breathtaking array of natural wonders that every traveler must explore. From the majestic Chitrakoot Waterfalls to the serene Ratan Bihari Waterfall, each destination offers a unique and enchanting experience.

Whether seeking adventure or tranquility, these waterfalls provide a perfect escape amidst nature’s splendor. Embrace the beauty, feel the mist, and create cherished memories as you discover the top waterfalls in Rajasthan. A truly unforgettable journey awaits you in this land of captivating cascades.