Time to Visit Dooars Places – The Gateway to Wildlife Sanctuary & Tea Gardens

Time to Visit Dooars Places

Are you planning a trip To Dooars?

You have landed at the right place; in this blog, we will talk about how you can visit and make the best out of your journey.

Dooars are known for pleasant weather that lasts throughout the year.

If you ask about the season, then the winter season is simply the best time to visit Dooars Places, especially between September and May.

It is a gateway to Bhutan full of beautiful terrain comprising floodplains and luscious green tea gardens.

Enough about this place, let us talk about the season that you can visit this place.

Best Time to Visit Dooars Places in Summer Season (March to June)

Summer months have heightened Dooars temperature that hover around the 21°C and 31°C mark.

But it is not as hot on plains, but it may become hard during the peak afternoons.

Here you can pay a visit to Many sanctuaries and wildlife reserves but check beforehand if they are opened or closed.

Hence summer can be somewhat difficult but many consider as the best time to visit Dooars Places.

There are pleasant hours during the day, but the temperature rises in the afternoon, but still, the weather is all chill and happy.

Temperature- 21°C and 32°C.
Rainfall– 36-47cm
Sightseeing/Safari– Mostly closed due to heavy rain
Extra Point- If you love rain, it is a place to be as it receives heavy rain.

Dooars places to visit in Monsoon Season (July to September)

During the monsoon, the rainfall remains moderate, but as months go by, the sanctuaries remain closed due to heavy rain;

hence, many tourists don’t visit here during these days. But it is Dooars best time to visit and explore the fascinating region if you are a nature lover. Most of the rivers run beyond capacity, and the barrages often overload.

Temperature- 24° to 30°C
Rainfall- 35 – 50 cm
Sightseeing/Safari– Mostly closed due to the breeding season of cats
Extra Point- If you like to travel alone and advocate peace, this is the season to travel here.

Dooars best time to visit in Winter season (October to February)

In October, the temperature starts to drop. It has become the most favoured destination for tourists. The whole place becomes gorgeously green, the skies remain crystal clear, and the Dooars weather is ideal for dooars places to visit and get yourself involved in many activities like paragliding, jungle safari, and river rafting.

Temperature- It can hit 0°C occasionally but is normally hovering around 10°C and 23°C
Rainfall- Little to no rainfall
Sightseeing/Safari- Open all the time, outdoor activities like outdoor, indoor, or water sports
Extra Point- If you want to travel, then the winter season is the paradise

How to Reach Dooars?

The place is well connected by road, rail, and air as well as rail. The nearest railway station is the Jalpaiguri Railways Station in Siliguri,

the gateway to Northeast India. Dooars is a paradise for nature lovers, and it is always the best time to visit Dooars Places to explore the aesthetic appeal of this place. Dooars has very well connectivity from the entire India.

Tourists can choose any commutation ways to reach here, whether by flight, train, or road. We are going to talk about all the modes in detail:

By Train

Several trains can directly reach you to Dooars from all over the country.

The most famous train is the Kanchankanya express which leaves daily from Kolkata.

Other trains will get you to this place, such as Padatik, Janasatabdi, Teesta Torsa, Kanchankanya, Kanchanjungha, Garib rath, Rajdhani, etc.

By Road

If you are a traveler and want to travel via your car, then you can also do that. There are three main routes to Dooars from Bagdogra and NJP railway station.

The first route, which takes the least time, is Gajoldoba, the second is through Sevoke road,

and the third route from NJP goes through Jalpaiguri and then enters Gorumara National Park. You can take any three routes based on your preferences and ease.

By Air

The nearest airport to Dooars is Bagdogra airport, and flights from all popular airports come here. Once you are here at the Bagdogra airport,

you must book a pre-paid taxi from the pre-paid taxi counter located at the arrival area, or you can use any third-party cab booking services.

If time is something that you want to save a lot, then the flight is the right choice.

Popular Places to visit in Dooars

Now once you have reached this amazing place then, there are many places to visit in Dooars you can check out. Some of the most popular sites that you want to check are:


It is a small hilltop village on the Mahanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and is rich in the Cinchona plantation.

It has a British bungalow that serves as a forest bungalow and the summer is the best time to visit Dooars Places.

It has also gained popularity for near about 250 species of birds. It is heaven for trekkers and a perfect place to watch the sunset that appears soothing and unreal.

Mahanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Mahanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Established in 1976, located 131 km from The Riverwood Forest Retreat-Dooars, the sanctuary spreads across 158 sq. km of forest area.

This place provides safety and protection to wildlife (The Bengal Tiger & Indian Bison) and is home to several plant and animal species.

The Darjeeling Wildlife Division of the Government of West Bengal manages the entire sanctuary.

Sumsing and Suntalekhola

Sumsing and Suntalekhola

It is a serene village with lush vegetation, mostly lush tea gardens, orange orchards, and forests, and is surrounded by hills.

It is around 82 km from Siliguri. It takes about 3 hours to reach Samsing from Siliguri through some of the most picturesque tea gardens of Dooars, including the Chalsa Tea Garden and Samsing Tea Garden.

Here you can find the WBFDC cottages and a bicameral bungalow.

Wrapping Up – Time to Visit Dooars Places

As there is no specific season you want to visit this place, every season has its magnetic charisma and can be the best time to visit Dooars Places. You can choose the season to visit this place based on what you like, the moisture, the temperature, peace, rain, and many other things.

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