7 Best Places to Visit in Tamilnadu for Couples – Mesmerising Places for Couples

Best Places to Visit in Tamilnadu for Couples

Tamil Nadu has been the epitome of tourism in India. When people think about travelling, they think about Tamil Nadu,

it has some of the best places to visit in Tamilnadu for couples. It has always been popular among travellers, whether indigenous or from abroad.

Whether you are a fan of beaches or love temples, the state has everything for you.

From the laidback ambience of Puducherry to the serenity of Madurai and the verdant nature in Kodaikanal,

there are many places where you can look for a surreal experience. Enough about Tamil Nadu. Let’s talk about the most exotic places in Tamil Nadu.

List of Romantic Places in Tamilnadu



It is one of the famous waterfalls in the Tenkasi district, situated in the Western Ghats in the Tenkasi District.

There are a total of seven waterfalls in Courtallam. They are as follows:

  • Main Falls
  • Small Falls (Citharuvi)
  • Five Falls (Iyentharuvi)
  • Tiger Falls (Puliyaruvi)
  • Old Courtallam Falls (Palaiya Courtallam)
  • SenbahaDevi Falls (Senbakadavi)
  • Honey Falls (Theanaruvi)

Courtallam is not like any other beautiful destination. Besides falls, it has many charming popular tourist attractions.

Known as ‘Spa of South India’, the town, which is set at an elevation of 160 m in the foothills of Agasthyamalai, is among the untouched tourism places.

There are ancient temples spreading spirituality from the 7th Century and museums that reflect the history of India.

How to get Courtallam

It has good connectivity to all the major cities in India, the nearest airport is Tuticorin Airport, and the nearest railway station is Sengottai Railway Station.

You can also take Government run Transport buses, and private buses are available from Tenkasi (6km), Tirunelveli (58km), Tuticorin (86 km), Sivakasi (105 km), and Madurai (160 km) to reach Courtallam.

  • Best Time to Visit Chennai– June to September
  • Ideal Duration– 3-4 days
  • Places to visit– 7 waterfalls, Boathouse, Kutralanathar Temple

Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills

If you love biking, this is the destination for you as a biker. It is known as the Mountains of death and is a beautiful location referred to as the Kolli Malai.

It is a mountain that has a fleet of Hill stations in Tamandu.

The hills are over 1000 to 1300 meters, covering more than 280 sq. Km. It is 43 KM away from Namakkal.

The hills are part of the discontinuous Eastern Ghats and are the best places to visit in Tamilnadu for couples.

It is believed that this place is home to the Kolli Pavai ghost on the top of these hills, and in this way, they have earned the ultimate destination of this name.

How to reach Kolli Hills?

Kolli Hills road is the closest to the city of Salem, and is a famous honeymoon spots in tamilnadu.

It has a railway and bus station with a regular connection to the capital of Tamil Nadu.

You can easily search on the Indian railway website or use third-party bus services to reach here.

The nearest airport is Trichy domestic airport which is 90KM away, so it makes little sense to take this mode of transportation.

    • Altitude– 1300 meters or 4,265 feet (approximate)
    • Best time to visit– February to December
  • Ideal Duration– 2 to 3 days
  • Famous For– waterfalls, offbeat hill station and an ancient temple
  • Languages Spoken– Tamil and English
















It is a beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu that is spread across the Western Ghats at an altitude of 7,200 feet.

It has a Lakeside resort town in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal and has a beautiful climate, mist-covered manicured cliffs and a waterfall.

It has rolling slopes, and once you visit this hill station, you will discover the natural beauty of this place.

Kodaikanal is where you can take a break from rigorous daily life, and this place will connect you with nature as you head out on biking or trekking trails.

How to Reach Kodaikanal?

The place doesn’t have an airport, the nearest airport is in Madurai, which is 120kms away,

and the nearest railway station is around 100kms from the main Kodaikanal town.

The third option is to take your vehicle or a bus, which is a way better option considering the distance of the nearest airport and railway stations.

  • Best time to visit– October to December
  • Famous For– Lakeside resort, Trekking and sightseeing
  • Ideal Duration– 2 to 3 days

Mahabalipuram Beach

Mahabalipuram Beach














It is a beach located about 58 km from Chennai, located in the historical town of Mahabalipuram,

which has made it a unique place among the most popular tourist destinations.

It is ideal for couples and are one of the famous romantic places in tamilnadu to relax and rejuvenate for newly married pairs.

It is not heavily crowded by tourists, accompanied by breath-taking beauty and jaw-dropping landscapes.

Time to Visit Dooars Places – The Gateway to Wildlife Sanctuary & Tea Gardens

You can go for a walk to see the sunrise or sunset with your partner, find a spot and admire the Bay of Bengal.

Also, carry your snack here as the place has no restaurants or shops, as seen on famous beaches.

How to reach Mahabalipuram Beach?

The nearest airport is the Chennai international airport at 58 km, which is well connected with all the country’s major cities.

If you are considering a train, the nearest railway station is Chengalpattu railway station, located at a distance of 29 km.

If you want to travel by bus, you can take various bus services.

  • Best time to visit– November to February
  • Ideal Duration– 2 to 3 hours
  • Famous For– Sightseeing and rejuvenating
  • Entry Charges– Nil

Emerald Lake

It is located in Emerald Village, away from the hustle of a city encompassed by beautiful tea plantations, endless lush greenery and a peaceful atmosphere.

You can also check out the nearest Emerald Dam boasts an exotic species of ducks and other aquatic animals.

You can dance to the tune of chirping birds, enjoy a variety of flora and buy various tea products.

It is known as a photographer’s paradise as it has stunning sunrise and sunset views, which is a bonus or takeaway for photographers.

How to reach Emerald Lake?

There is no bus route to connect to the city, and you must take your car to Emerald Lake from Ooty City Center.

Still, it is the best places to visit in Tamilnadu for couples in any season.

The train and the airport options are available that you can check online, but the nearest station and the airport are very far away.

  • Best time to visit– November to February
  • Things to do– Visit the Emerald Dam, stroll around the Tea Gardens, and Try Recreational Activities
  • Ideal Duration– 2 to 3 hours
  • Entry Charges– Nil

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

It is located in Nilgiri District, 570 Km from Chennai near Bandipur National Park. Established in 1940, it has an area of 124 square miles (322 square km).

It is one of the most famous & oldest Sanctuaries in South India.

You can easily spot elephants, Spotted Deer, Reptiles and Gaur here. The sanctuary is composed of hills and valleys.

It has thick jungle growth of teak, rosewood, laurel, and bamboo trees.

Best Time to Visit Ranthambore National Park – Deep Drive into The Ranthambore National Park

How to reach Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary?

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is accessible from all over the world and in Indian cities.

The tourists can avail all the three modes of transport, the nearest airport is in Coimbatore,160 Kms away, and the nearest railway station is 64 Kms.

You can take the Mysore highway if you want to travel by road.

  • Entry Fee– 30 per person, and there are other charges depending on the gear you have brought
  • Things to do– Jungle Safari, Trekking in the Mudumalai forest, Bird watching, Water hole visit & Village Tour
  • Best time to Visit– Early Summer or Just After the Monsoons
  • Ideal Duration– 1 to 2 days

Ooty Rose Garden

Located at the heart of Ooty town, this garden has terraces, rose tunnels, and rose creepers.

It is a mesmerising garden known as the Jayalalithaa Rose Garden, the Nootrandu Roja Poonga and the Centenary Rose Park.

Nature lovers are drawn to the Rose Garden like bees to honey. India has the most extensive collection of roses in the country, situated on the slopes of Elk Hill.

The rose varieties in this park were assembled from different sources, and Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department maintains the entire garden.

They also received an award from the International Rose society in 2006.

How To Reach Ooty Rose Garden?

The most cost-effective means of transport is using the local bus service, and the nearest bus stop from City Center is Filmistan.

The tourist can also take the Air and the railways to travel to the best places to visit in Tamilnadu for couples.

  • Entry Fee– 30 per person for adults, 15 per person for Children, 50 for Still Camera & 100 for Video Camera
  • Things to do– Experience seekers, tourism, photography.
  • Visiting Time– 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. on any day of the week
  • Visit Duration– 3 hours. You can even stay longer here
  • Best time to visit– March and June

Wrapping Up – Best Places to Visit in TamilNadu for Couples

There is no end to the best places to visit in Tamilnadu for couples;

the city incorporates various lifestyles from around the world, like German, French, and British colonies, where one is supposed to be living its abroad dream.

It is a place where the tourist can finally find solitude and seclusion.